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Vintage 1963 To 1979 Copper Spark Plug

Mighty M4G22 | SPM4G22
Fits many domestic & foreign products 1963-79. $2.00 Ea. Buy a min. of 4 and get FREE Domestic Shipping



Autolite Champion AC Atlas Motorcraft Auburn Spark Plug

These are the old style copper core spark plugs. Why Copper vs Platinum vs Iridium, Copper is just a better conductor of electricity than the other two. The only drawback is they should be changed every 30,000 miles instead of 60,00 miles and do you really think you are going to put another 30,000 miles on this vehicle. 


Proper spark plug torque is very important especially with aluminum heads or tapered seat spark plugs as damage can be  caused by over tightening. If you are not sure what the spark plug  torque should be you will find simple instructions and a chart on this site  in articles.

I have identified this spark plug to the best of my ability but do not guarantee anything except you will get the same number spark plug that is listed.  I think these Mighty spark plugs were made sometime in the 1960's and probably fit many earlier models not listed below

Thread Diameter 14mm,   Reach 3/4",   Hex 13/16",   Seat Gasket,   

Application guide lines only

1966 to 1979 American Motors

1976 to 1979 AMC Jeep

1977 to 1979 Aspen

1973 1974 Barracuda 

1975 to 1978 BMW

1963 to 1974 Bentley

1974 to 1976 Capri

1972 to 1975 Chevrolet Truck

1974 to 1979 Chrysler

1973 to 1976 Dart

1971 to 1979 Dodge 

1967 to 1975 & 1978 1979 Dodge Truck

1975 IHC Truck

1965 to 1979 Jaguar

1974 to 1976 Mustang II

1971 to 1979 Plymouth 

1975 to 1979 Triumph

1973 to 1976 Valiant 

1977 to 1979 Volare


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