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1930 Up Glass Setting Rubber HR-72L Sold By the ft

3/16 Inch Opening glass U Channel Setting Rubber HR-72L

1930 Rubber | HR72L
You are buying a flexible glass setting rubber seal HR72L sold by the foot. Domestic customers must spend at least $9.95 per order to receive free shipping. Smaller orders will be billed $3.00 shipping. International customer's please email us for the extra shipping costs.


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The picture distorts the rubber edge trim size a bit. Please go by the measurements.

The main properties of EPDM rubber edge trim is its outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance. The resistance to polar substances and steam are also good. It has excellent electrical insulating properties. EPDM rubber has good resistance to ketones, ordinary diluted acids and alkalines

Rubber Edge Trim Application

Our U channel rubber edge trim extrusions can be used as a protective edge on sheet metal or rough parts. They also can be used as cosmetic trim and make economical seals. Handy on cars, trucks, trailers, motor homes, motorcycles, and much more.

Rubber Edge Trim Performance

1. Provide perfect sealing
2. Avoid any rattling noise
3. Provide protection from dust and water
4. Highly sustainable

Choosing The Correct Rubber Edge Trim Extrusion For Your Application

In my opinion the rubber edge trim extrusions with the rounded back look better than the straight back edge trim extrusions.  When the edge is exposed they also go around sharp corners a bit better. The straight back rubber edge trims work the best if the edge is going to be butted up against something. Also very important to get the correct edge trim opening for your  application, never try to put a smaller rubber edge trim extrusion opening over a thicker item.  It will not work out well. A slightly  larger opening rubber edge trim extrusion can be made to work with a bit of glue or if it is butted against something it would not matter.  At the bottom of the page I have put in a chart for the different gauge metals to help you decide which of our EPDM rubber edge trim U channel extrusions would be best for your application.

Help Full Rubber Edge Trim Installation Tips.

If you are going to use glue to keep the rubber edge trim on on I recommend regular contact cement.  You cannot use the recommended procedure of putting the contact cement on both surfaces,  let it sit for a few minutes to get tacky and then put it on.  I would suggest applying the contact cement on the leading edge of item you are putting the rubber edge trim on.  Then put the rubber edge trim extrusion on right away and leave it awhile to set.  It may not be the best application method but it will harden and  be there to stay.  Some rubber edge trim extrusions come with the glue already in it.  I find it does not always work out too well as the glue is not designed to harden if the sun shines on it and gets a bit warm.  The glue will soften and run out all over the place. I can't say all the soft glues behave this way but can say many do.

Rubber Edge Trim Metal Gauge Chart

  • Edge Trim for a 28 Gauge metal requires a 1/64 inch opening or 0.396 mm
  • Edge Trim for a 16 Gauge metal requires a 1/16 inch opening or 1.587 mm
  • Edge Trim for a 13 Gauge metal requires a 3/32 inch opening or 2.381 mm
  • Edge Trim for a 11 Gauge metal requires a 1/8 inch opening or 3.175 mm
  • Edge Trim for a 7 Gauge metal requires a 3/16 inch opening or 4.762 mm
  • Edge Trim for a 3 Gauge metal requires a 1/4 inch opening  or 6.350 mm

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